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The rural charging challenge

Aug 22, 2023 | Blogs

Over 930,000 Scots – or 17% of our total population – live in rural areas.

Because public transport often isn’t as frequent or reliable as it is in towns and cities, rural households are more likely to rely on cars to access amenities and services. This makes them particularly vulnerable to rises in the price of petrol or diesel.

With EVs being typically cheaper to run, rural residents and businesses have so much to gain by making the switch – but also face some of the biggest barriers.

While Scotland as a whole has a high level of public EV chargers per head of population when compared to the rest of the UK, these are not evenly distributed. Remote areas are currently underserved by EV charging infrastructure – and survey after survey has highlighted that not being able to find a charger is one of the worries that’s most likely to put someone off buying an EV.

Poor infrastructure is also likely to be impacting many rural economies, as tourists who do own EVs may avoid visiting areas without enough available chargers – sometimes known as ‘charging deserts’. (This, of course, presents an opportunity for businesses who get ahead of the curve when it comes to providing charging stations – but more on that later).

In a typical chicken-and-egg scenario, one reason many rural areas lag behind in providing charging infrastructure is because EV adoption is still relatively low.

But that won’t be the case for long. With addressing climate change near the top of the political agenda, and a ban on the sale of new petrol or diesel cars due from 2030, the widespread adoption of EVs is inevitable – so it makes sense to get prepared now. And there’s also the old argument – ‘if you build it, they will come’. At FOR:EV, we believe that’s true when it comes to EV charging.

The lower number of potential users in remote rural areas also leads to understandable concerns about cost-effectiveness. Fewer customers mean a longer time until the upfront investment needed to install a charging point pays off.

But what if there was no upfront cost to worry about?

If you partner with us, we take care of everything, from installation to operation and maintenance, at no cost to you – even in remote rural areas that other charging infrastructure providers won’t go to.

Because we can rent or lease your parking bays, our EV charging hubs can even provide you with an income stream – or we are happy to discuss profit-share options.

Our experience is that rural businesses or landowners who invest in EV charging hubs for their customers have seen a significant increase in turnover and profitability. We provide the optimal design solution to create the best outcome for your business.

Rural fleet owner?

If you’re a rural business, adopting a fleet of EVs can help you reduce costs, your carbon footprint, and attract environmentally conscious customers. We can help with that too – our ‘charging as a service’ model helps support your fleet’s transition to Net Zero.

We can install charging hubs at one central location or across your network, and can even supply electrified fleet vehicles if you need them.

Want to know more about how we can help you? Get in touch here.