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Meet the team: Iona Sayer

Nov 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

At FOR:EV, our culture is embodied by our dedicated team. They encourage collaboration and openness by sharing their knowledge and insights. In this series, we’ll introduce you to some of our key team members and highlight how their skills positively impact not only FOR:EV but our industry, as a whole.

First up is Iona Sayer, our Customer Experience Manager. Iona’s journey with us began in December 2022 when she joined as a Sales Support Administrator. Her rapid ascent to the role of Customer Experience Manager is testament to her dedication and expertise. In this capacity, she oversees client projects, from initial build programming to delivering dynamic monthly reports.

With her commitment to providing top-tier service and a can-do attitude, Iona serves as a crucial point of contact for clients, ensuring a productive and seamless relationship with FOR:EV.

What did you do before you joined FOR:EV and what led you to your role as Customer Experience Manager?

Before I joined FOR:EV I was an early years practitioner. With seven years of experience, I am a fully qualified nursery practioner and have a degree in higher education and primary education. Through this role, I discovered my passion for the admistrative development side and building strong relationships with the parents. I then realised that a career change into a more communication-focused role was best for me.

I joined FOR:EV in December, 2022 as a Sales Support Assistant, which was a new role within the growing company. From there I was able to support the sales, management, marketing and operations team with the growing customer base. As the business grew, so did my role; I naturally changed over to customer experience, as that was needed to support our ongoing growth.

My background in communicating with parents and simplifying learning terminology has proven beneficial in my current role when ensuring that the technical language we sometimes use is easily accessible for our clients. There are also similarities in the site evaluation process, which is vital in assessing the needs of local communities in relation to our projects. My prior experience plays a key role in understanding and meeting those needs.

How important is the customer experience at FOR:EV?

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for our customers, from the initial engagement phase, all the way through delivery, completion, and beyond.

Personally, my role involves maintaining continuous contact with our clients from the build stage (providing bi-weekly reports), through to monthly reporting, where we provide them with essential data regarding the performance of their sites. This information plays a crucial role in shaping our strategies and decision-making.

At FOR:EV, we place immense importance on maintaining uninterrupted communication with our clients throughout the entire process. This helps prevent any misunderstandings and ensures that we consistently meet their needs. As part of this commitment, we have recently introduced ‘pre-start meetings’ to facilitate an open line of communication between our clients and our operations team, enabling us to align and deliver on the expectations we’ve set.

What’s your favourite part of being part of the FOR:EV team?

Definitely the ability to grow and build my confidence. In this environment, no question is ever considered ‘stupid’, and our team’s positive attitude shines through. If someone doesn’t have the answer, there’s always someone accessible you can reach out to for help.

It a very open environment without a stringent hierarchy. Working in a company that promotes open communication has significantly helped my confidence. I have dyslexia, and the remarkable support I’ve received from FOR:EV has completely transformed my perspective on it. My colleagues openly offer their help with flexibility of timeframes when necessary. This not only makes me feel valued but also truly understood.


What does the perfect weekend look like?

For me, a perfect weekend is an F1 weekend! Any weekend an F1 race is on I kick back, relax, and watch the race. I grew up watching F1 with my dad and still love it to this day. I’m a fan of the drivers rather than the team, and my favourite at the moment is definitely the charismatic Daniel Riccardo.

Films or books?

Being dyslexic, it’s definitely films for me! I spend more time watching TV than listening to audiobooks and I’ve got a soft spot for reality TV as well, with ‘Drive to Survive’ being a personal favourite.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

“Be yourself.” It’s a simple yet brilliant piece of wisdom that has stuck with me from my family. It reminds me that I’m far more capable than I often give myself credit for.