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Meet the team: Anthony Boyd

Jan 10, 2024 | Blogs

At FOR:EV, our culture is embodied by our dedicated team. They encourage collaboration and openness by sharing their knowledge and insights. In this series, we’ll introduce you to some of our key team members and highlight how their skills positively impact not only FOR:EV but our industry, as a whole.

Next in the series is Anthony Boyd, our Fleet Business Development Manager. Anthony’s journey with us began early this year when he hit the ground running. You may have recently seen him speak at the Housing Industry Leaders event on Wednesday 29 November.

Anthony’s previous experience with fleet management from both a provider and user standpoint gives him a unique perspective when it comes to delivering a smooth transition to sustainable transport solutions for our clients.

What did you do before you joined FOR:EV and what led you to your role as Business Development Manager?

Initially I studied PR and Marketing, achieving my degree in Belfast before starting my professional journey in Manchester. It was there I joined Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where I dipped my toe into fleet management for three years. During this time I got hands-on experience introducing Tesla vehicles to the fleet, a pioneering move that came with its own set of challenges.

Following this, life took a turn towards Edinburgh due to my wife’s career in genetics. Joining Close Brothers, I found myself diving even deeper into the intricacies of fleet management. This unique journey through various facets of fleet management, from conventional to EV, equipped me with insights into the challenges of transitioning to electric vehicles, both from a provider and user standpoint.

Witnessing the evolution of electric vehicles from the ground up, dealing with initial technical hiccups, and understanding the frustrations of those adopting this technology was pivotal. Joining the FOR:EV team, these experiences are at the forefront of my approach in facilitating smoother transitions to sustainable transportation for our customers.

How important is the Business Development experience at FOR:EV?

Business development at FOR:EV extends far beyond conventional sales strategies. It’s about simplifying the journey towards achieving net zero. Our vision at FOR:EV revolves around establishing ourselves as the partner of choice for all things related to EV fleets. My role isn’t just about securing deals; it’s about forging partnerships and tailoring services to alleviate any complications associated with transitioning to sustainable transportation.

The success of business development at FOR:EV is directly tied to the collective strength of our team. The camaraderie, dedication, and expertise we bring to the table amplify my confidence in representing FOR:EV’s solutions to potential partners and clients. It’s a collaborative effort that wouldn’t be possible without the solid foundation laid by the entire team.

What’s your favourite part of being part of the FOR:EV team?

The best bit of being a part of FOR:EV is undeniably the team atmosphere. The open and collaborative spirit within the team creates an environment where ideas flourish. Unlike my experiences in larger companies, where you can feel like a small cog in large machine, here I feel connected to our shared goals. The unity and purpose foster a work environment where innovation and productivity thrive.

You recently travelled from Edinburgh to Belfast for your wedding using your EV car. What was the best part of your journey and did you face any challenges?:

The EV journey from Edinburgh to Belfast for my wedding was an adventure. Surprisingly, I didn’t experience range anxiety, thanks to my prior knowledge of the charging infrastructure in Scotland. However, crossing over to Northern Ireland, where the charging network is less robust, introduced a few uncertainties. Leveraging apps like Zap Map became crucial, and it turned out to be a smoother experience than I had anticipated.

I think most of the challenges you come up against are other people’s perception of how difficult it must be to travel long distance. Until you experience the ease of driving in an EV I can understand range anxiety, however the infrastructure is definitely improving. When I did the journey in my previous petrol car, I found I was stopping every few hours to fill up with petrol, whereas with my EV I found the range a lot more reliable and the charging points slotted in nicely with our coffee breaks.

Beyond getting married, the journey itself held a different significance. The absence of environmental guilt while enjoying the beauty of the Irish countryside was incredibly gratifying. It was a subtle yet powerful message I was thrilled to convey by embarking on this journey in an EV!


 What was your first ever job?

A debt collector. I was working for a small company with a great team, but it was genuinely terrifying as a 16 year-old. I think having that experience gives me thicker skin, which is probably how I ended up in sales – I can be told no 1,000 times and still have a smile on my face. I’m very thankful for that.

 What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” My grandad used to always tell me that, because every time something bad happens, you’re able to learn from it. That always stuck with me.

Films or books?

Books. I really enjoy Irish literature, particularly historic work. At the moment I’m currently reading the collective works of W.B. Yeats and I read Seamus Heaney before that. It’s great when you don’t have the attention span to read a full book – you can just enjoy a page or two.