Whether you own or manage a Port, Harbour, Ferry Terminal or a Marina, FOR:EV has a EV charging infrastructure solution that fits your individual requirements.

Port, Ferry Operator, Harbour, Marina
If you own or manage a port, harbour, marina or ferry terminal, FOR:EV has a user-friendly EV charging solution that meets the needs of your operations and your customers.
Whether you need ship-to-shore power, or to charge electric vessels or freight, we can help.

We can install and operate high-quality, user-friendly EV charging hubs by leasing your parking bays, or are happy to discuss profit-share options.

We will invest in EV charging infrastructure that meets the demands of both freight and day/leisure passengers.

  • For ease: We take care of everything, from installation to operation and maintenance, within a short term flexible agreement. We can install charging hubs at one central location or across your network to support your customers, staff and stakeholders.
  • For the planet: The electricity we provide is 100% green, and the data and insights we’ll share with you can help build your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials.
  • For happy customers: We invest in the latest technology to provide a stress-free charging experience with a variety of convenient payment options. Your EV customers can also use our pre-booking service to reserve a charging station in advance.
  • For a genuine partnership: We’ll work with you to understand the strategic goals of your business, and use our expertise to maximise the commercial opportunities of your site.
  • For the elements: Our chargers are designed to withstand salt spray, humidity, and extreme temperatures. You can be confident they’ll keep your electric vehicles charged, even in the most challenging conditions.

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