Fleet Operators

Our unique ‘Charging as a Service’ model helps support your fleet’s transition to Net Zero.

We will simplify and accelerate your transition by delivering your EV charging requirements for an electric fleet.

  • For ease: We take care of everything, from installation to operation and maintenance, within a short term flexible agreement. We can install charging hubs at one central location or across your network, and can even supply electrified fleet vehicles if required. 
  • For financial transparency: No upfront CapEx is required, and we’ll invoice you an agreed all inclusive cost per kW every quarter.
  • For great customer service: We take time to understand your fleet operation and future charging requirements.You’ll have a dedicated account manager and local service support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • For the planet: The electricity we provide is 100% green, and we connect to the grid network independently of your own power supply. The data and insights we’ll share with you can help build your ESG credentials.
  • For happy drivers: We invest in the latest technology to provide a stress-free EV charging experience for all.


Q. Can you supply electric vehicles for my fleet?

A. We have two options for fleet operators:

  • We can solely provide your EV charging infrastructure.
  • In addition to a charging solution that meets your requirements, we can also offer a wide variety of electric vehicles for fleets, including cars, vans and trucks.
Q. How can you help me manage our EV fleet?

A. Our fleet management software can help you track the location of your vehicles, monitor their mileage usage, and schedule maintenance appointments.

Q. How much will it cost me to electrify my fleet?

A. You’ll pay nothing up front, and you’ll be billed quarterly with a cost per kWh – which can significantly reduce your internal admin.

The cost of using our Charging as a Service solution will depend on several factors, including the number of vehicles in your fleet (if required), the type of charging stations you need, and the amount of electricity you use.

Once we have full details about your needs, we can give you an accurate quote – so please get in touch .

Q. Who is responsible for the service, maintenance and insurance of the charge points?

A. We want to provide the best service possible throughout the lifetime of our agreement with you. Our joint SLA will be delivered in conjunction with our third-party providers. Our agreements are robust and demanding of our providers, which means they are substantially above the industry standard. In addition, our real-time monitoring allows us to respond quickly to any issues. 

Q. Can you provide management information about the amount of carbon emission offset my business will attain?

A. Yes – we can provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that evidence your ESG credentials.

Q. Can I open my charge points to the public?

A. Our charging solutions are bespoke to your requirements. This can include charging infrastructure that’s just for your fleet, or charge points for your consumers too.

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