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Payment & Pricing

Payment Made Simple with Contactless

For a quick, convenient, and secure experience, all our chargers have contactless payment terminals, with no need for an app. Simply tap your card or mobile device and charge!

All FOR:EV charge points charge 75p/kWh


How to use our chargers

Charging at Forth Ports, Westside Plaza, Kilbowie Retail Park, or Real Food Café?

Starting a charge

  1. Connect the cable to your vehicle.
  2. Simply tap your contactless payment method against the Payter card reader. 

Stopping a charge

  1. Tap the same contactless payment method against the Payter card reader.
  2. Wait for the charge to end, disconnect and return the cable from your vehicle.

If you’re charging at any other FOR:EV site:

Starting a charge

  1. Select contactless as your authentication method.
  2. Press ‘Start Charge’ on the display.
  3. Simply tap your contactless payment method against the card reader.
  4. Select the correct charging cable for your car and connect to your vehicle.
  5. Select ‘Start Charge’ on the screen.

Stopping a charge

  1. Click ‘Stop Charge’ on the screen of the charger.
  2. Select ‘Contactless Card Payment’.
  3. Press ‘Stop Charge’.
  4. Tap the same contactless payment method to stop the charge (this step is very important).
  5. The charge will stop, and the screen will display your charging session.
  6. Return the cable to its port within the charging unit.


Find a FOR:EV charge point near you

No matter what journey you’re on, we’re working hard to ensure you can find a high-quality, user-friendly FOR:EV charger near you.

You can view our ever-expanding charge point network:

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Q. How quickly will my vehicle charge?

A. It depends on the type of vehicle and how powered the charger is. On one of our rapid chargers, you can expect charging to take from 20 minutes to around an hour,depending on the vehicle’s output.

Q. What if I have an issue charging my vehicle?

A. Please call the number on the charge point or sign post, and our customer service team will be on hand to help you.