We have a proven track record and reputation for delivering robust, high-quality solutions that will power the next generation of drivers. Here’s a snapshot of our successes so far.

Single site

“Hearts is committed to sustainability and taking meaningful climate action. This partnership is an important part of our efforts to become a more environmentally sustainable club. We are on a journey to make Tynecastle Park an exemplar of an environmentally friendly stadium. These new FOR:EV charge points give the opportunity for everyone at the club, our supporters, and the local community to use electric vehicles and charge their cars at the club.”

Ann Park
Communities and Partnerships Director Heart of Midlothian FC

Heart of Midlothian FC
EV Kit installed
One 50kW Rapid Charger
Evidence of success
In the first year of operation, we charged 630 vehicles with 14,181.99 kWh of energy, delivering 41,553 EV miles. This has saved 8.0 tonnes of C02 – the equivalent to 48 trees.

Site upgrades

“We looked at a wide range of options and went with FOR:EV due to a mixture of industry recommendations, discussions with the team from FOR:EV and the fact that it was a Scottish company. We also believe FOR:EV offers one of the best machines around, which has also been commented on in social media posts. Overall experience with FOR:EV from start to finish has been excellent. Great level of communication, good direction on how to proceed and everything was kept to a good timescale.”

Charles Mair
Operations Director, The Real Food Cafe Ltd.

Real Food Café, Tyndrum
EV Kit installed
One 55kW Double CCS Rapid C-Station Charger
Evidence of success
In the first month of operation, we charged 74 vehicles with 1,439.78 kWh of energy, delivering 4,319.34 EV miles.